FARECon featuring Teen Summit Scholarships

FARECon featuring Teen Summit scholarship applications will be accepted until August 17, 2018.


FARECon featuring Teen Summit scholarships provide access to teens who have been previously unable to attend due to financial limitations. 

Scholarships are available to individuals aged 11-22 who are living with food allergies, and will cover conference registration, two nights at the host hotel, airfare if not within driving distance and a meal stipend. 

As part of the award, winners will be asked to share their FARECon featuring Teen Summit experience, which may be in the form of an essay, interview, video or another media form. 

The scholarship application for 2018 will be open until August 17 at 11:59pm EST. All applicants will be notified of the results by August 31.




2018 FARECon featuring Teen Summit Scholarships are provided with support by:

Emily Zaltsman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Emily Zaltsman knew firsthand the challenges of living with a food allergy, and it inspired her to make the world a safer place for others like her. She not only chose the 2017 San Antonio Food Allergy Heroes Walk as her Bat Mitzvah project, but she also dreamed of dedicating her life to researching food allergies. Tragically, Emily was killed at the age of 13 by a distracted driver who was texting. Even though Emily is no longer with us, her mission to help the 32 million Americans living with food allergies lives on through the Emily Zaltsman Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Jody Falco & Carlo Steinman

When Teen Summit began more than a decade ago, Jody and Carlo were two of the driving forces behind the event's creation. Since then, they have attended nearly every summit, serving as speakers and friendly faces for new attendees throughout the years.

Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation

The Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation was created to reduce dangerous food allergy deaths by spreading public awareness, providing education regarding emergency responses, and increasing the availability of epinephrine injectors in public places.
Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation