Restaurant Workers

There are 32 million Americans with food allergies—and they are eager to find restaurants that can accommodate their needs.


For millions of Americans, dining away from home can be stressful and challenging because one bite of a food allergen can have potentially life-threatening consequences. 

In keeping with FARE’s mission to improve the quality of life and health of individuals with food allergies, FARE has developed FARECheck CertifiedSM to help provide an additional layer of education and awareness around food allergies and anaphylaxis among the hundreds of thousands of workers across the country who serve the food allergy community.

FARECheck Certified is targeted specifically to 3rd party training programs, and is designed to ensure that training provides evidence-based information on food allergies and best practices for allergy-aware management.

Any training receiving the FARECheck Certified mark must address the following topics:

1. Overview of Food Allergies
2. Anaphylaxis
3. Emergency Response
4. Communications Protocols
5. Reducing Risk for Cross-Contact
6. Use of Recipes & Ingredient Disclosure
7. Knowledge Test


In support of their customers with food allergies and other dietary restrictions, Compass Group is the first in the foodservice industry to have its allergen management training courses reviewed and certified by FARE. Based in Charlotte, NC, Compass Group is a family of companies delivering the best in food, hospitality, and support services.

For additional information about participating in FARECheck, email Jenny Dowd at

Free FARE Educational Resources

  • Do you understand common sources of cross-contact and how to avoid it? Download our Cross-Contact poster set in English and Spanish.
  • Do you know the steps to follow from the moment a diner with food allergies walks in the door? Our Keep Your Guests Safe poster in English and Spanish and our What You Need to Know poster in English and Spanish can help.*
  • Will you know what to do if a diner has an allergic reaction? Download our anaphylaxis poster and learn how to recognize and respond to a food allergy emergency.

Training Tip: Consider reviewing a different poster in staff check-ins once a month. This will serve as a training refresher and keep food allergies top of mind.

*FARE's poster "Food Allergies: What You Need to Know" is the poster legally required to be displayed in some states, including Maryland and Massachusetts. For more information about current restaurant legislation, please click here.  

Ingredient Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Think you know all there is to know about meal ingredients? Download this quiz, put together by Chef Joel Schaefer, to see how much you really know.