For Future College Students

Find tips for researching food allergy policies at colleges and universities and selecting the school that’s right for you.

For many of us, going to college is an important milestone. This may be the first time you’re on your own—and fully responsible for managing your food allergy.

Moving away from home can be a challenge for teens with food allergies. Suddenly you’re in charge of choosing everything you eat, remembering your medications and telling a whole bunch of new people about your food allergy.

But if you plan ahead, learn about your options and seek support from others, you can stay healthy during your college years. After all, this time of life is about learning, enjoying new experiences, making friends and becoming a true adult.

A growing number of schools are taking steps to ensure that students with food allergies have a safe, successful college experience. While many schools have established policies and programs, keep in mind that these practices vary widely from school to school.

FARE has tips on what to consider while researching colleges and universities, plus how to make your college years rewarding and safe.

Try FARE’s Food Allergy College Search Tool
Is that campus food allergy-friendly? Find colleges and universities with the right accommodations for you.

Preparing for College Early
Once you’re away at college, you alone will be in charge of your food allergy. Learn how to practice these skills before you even graduate high school.

Choosing a School
Plan to do your research, visit the school and ask questions about food allergy accommodations.

Questions to Ask a Prospective College or University
You’ll reap the most benefits from your meetings with disability services, dining services and other departments by writing down your questions in advance. This list will help get you started.

FARE College Food Allergy Program
FARE supports colleges and universities with training and free resources through this national program. Learn more about the program and resources you can share with schools you’re interested in.

Preparing for College with Food Allergies (PDF)
Download our full resources for prospective college students as a PDF.

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