For Current College Students

Learn about your responsibilities as a college student with food allergies and the resources your school may offer.

College is typically the first time that you will live on your own as a young adult. On top of meeting new friends and making sure you get to class on time, you are also faced with managing your food allergies.

Taking on full responsibility for your food allergy may seem like a challenge. But with the proper preparation, knowledge and support, you can succeed—and focus more on enjoying the college experience.

Just like your school has a responsibility to you, you have responsibilities to the college and yourself. It is ultimately your responsibility to tell the college you have a food allergy and to be your own best advocate.

Before your first semester starts, you should disclose your food allergies to dining, disability and housing. These departments may even have a list of student responsibilities they expect you to fulfill.

Take the time to understand your responsibilities and learn about the resources your college has available.

An important part of managing food allergies in college is having a plan for your healthcare. Learn about your options for health insurance, obtaining medical care, filling prescriptions and more.

Disability Services
Did you know food allergies may be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Disability services can be a valuable partner to students with food allergies by helping you stay safe and included on campus.

Dining Services
Dining services will work daily to provide you with safe food, so you’ll want to establish a relationship and communicate directly with them.

Dorm Life
Living in a college dorm can be a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy new experiences. By telling your resident advisor (RA) and roommate about your food allergy needs, you can create a healthy, safe environment.  

Your Social Life
College is a time of personal growth, and it will be tempting to take risks with your food allergies when you’re among new friends. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary risks, especially when alcohol is in the mix.

Relationships and Dating
Learn how to maintain a healthy romantic relationship and have essential conversations regarding your food allergy.

Find a College Student Support Group
Joining a student support group can have a lot of great benefits as you navigate this phase of your life. Learn how to find or create one.

Managing Food Allergies at College (PDF)
Download our full resources for current college students as a PDF.

FARE College Food Allergy Program
FARE supports colleges and universities with training and free resources through this national program. Learn more about the program and information you can share with your school.