If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now…Allergy Tips for Teens

Speakers: Kyle Dine

Wednesday, November 18, 4 p.m. ET


In this webinar, our presenter speaks from the perspective of someone who has grown up with food allergies and learned many lessons along the way. He stresses the importance of staying positive and keeping things in perspective, while staying safe with allergies. He will share stories that teens can relate to, and provide sound advice that will help prepare teens for risks while balancing a normal teenage life.

Kyle DineKyle Dine is a trusted food allergy educator and musician who performs allergy awareness assemblies across North America. He educates students about food allergies, anaphylaxis and what they can do to help maintain an allergy-aware school environment. He has multiple food allergies himself and has worked with Food Allergy Canada since 2008, including coordination of the organization’s teen education and outreach programs. In December 2014, he successfully crowdfunded a food allergy awareness video for elementary schools entitled Kyle Dine & Friends - Allergy Awareness with Music, Puppets and Games. He is also the founder of www.allergytranslation.com - a website that provides translation cards for travelers with allergies.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.

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