Corporate Sponsorship Policy

FARE’s work with corporate sponsors helps advance our mission in support of the food allergy community. These strategic partnerships expand the impact of our work and brings greater awareness to the growing issue of food allergies nationwide.


FARE welcomes partnerships with companies that have an interest in supporting FARE’s mission and the food allergy community. Our corporate partners act as an integral part of FARE’s mission to improve the quality of life and the health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments.

FARE’s relationships with sponsors both advance FARE’s mission and assist companies in reaching their philanthropic goals, building employee morale and engaging with the food allergy community.

  • No sponsorship will be considered that is inconsistent with FARE’s policies, standards and positions.
  • FARE does not support marketing programs or other fundraising ideas that fall outside the scope of our core fundraising activities or are inconsistent with our mission or privacy policies.
  • FARE does not participate in marketing programs or other fundraising endeavors that require FARE to email FARE’s donors/volunteers.
  • FARE does not work with any sponsors who sell tobacco or firearms.
  • FARE does not participate in any unsanctioned games of chance (lottery, raffle, sweepstakes, or drawings).
  • FARE does not participate in any sale of products, tickets or services done solely by telephone.

For additional information about working with FARE, or for a copy of FARE’s complete policy on corporate sponsorships, please contact