In the Community: San Francisco-Bay Area

San Francisco, CA, is one of nine communities across the country in FARE's community engagement initiative. FARE staff are working with local volunteers and FARE Clinical Network sites to raise awareness of food allergies.

Community Needs Assessment Findings

More than 250 people completed the survey. Highlights of the data include:

  • Healthcare providers, parents of children with food allergies and adults with food allergies would all like to have more information about clinical trials taking place locally

  • Children with food allergies experience anxiety and fear of eating, while their parents experience anxiety and anger. Adults with food allergies share feelings of anxiety and fear of eating (like children) and anger (like parents), but many more adults experience feelings of depression and loneliness

  • Respondents are split about feeling that their healthcare provider gave them adequate information on managing food allergies at the time of diagnosis

  • Dining out safely is a big issue

  • Schools are doing a pretty good job, but parents still want food allergy education and awareness focused there (both to staff and students).

Community Engagement Focus

The CEC identified three goals to focus on in the three-year plan. Within those three goals are multiple objectives, some of which are summarized below.

Goal 1: Increase support for patients through the lifespan from diagnosis through adulthood

  • Distribute FARE resources for newly diagnosed patients to area health care providers

  • Share up-to-date information about local clinical trials and food allergy research to local allergists

  • Support Teal Pumpkin Project events during October

  • Connect the food allergy community to FARE and area FARE-recognized support group

Goal 2: Increase food allergy awareness education and management in schools serving pre-K through 12, with attention to transition time between high school and college

  • Provide information and resources, including Teal Pumpkin Project and Be a Pal, to area schools

  • Pilot the new FARE Education Network’s preschool training program in the region

  • Provide food allergy awareness and management training provided to area schools

Goal 3: Increase the knowledge of Bay Area restaurants and staff about food allergies and cross-contact

  • Work with the San Diego CEC to draft legislation, in collaboration with lawmakers, that would require certain restaurant staff to have food allergy training

  • Share FARE’s food allergy and food safety materials and resources with regional restaurants

Community Engagement Council (CEC) Members

  • Rebekah Baharestan
  • Kim Brown
  • Joan Edelstein
  • Terri Ettinger
  • Kathy Gottfried
  • Ellen Kramer
  • Lawnie Lau
  • Trish Lawson
  • Elizabeth Layman
  • Tyng Loh
  • Taira Roder
  • Sharon Shakked
  • Debbie Taback