In the Community: Houston

Houston, TX, is one of nine communities across the country in FARE's community engagement initiative. FARE staff are working with local volunteers and FARE Clinical Network sites to raise awareness of food allergies.

Community Needs Assessment Findings

135 individuals responded to the community needs survey in Houston. Highlights include:

  • Half of the respondents reported that their child’s school is doing poorly or just adequately in regards to managing food allergies

  • School significantly under-indexed for food free celebrations and activities – at less than 3 percent (the national survey average was 32 percent)

  • 1 in 5 respondents said they did not get adequate info at time of diagnosis

Community Engagement Focus

To address the needs identified in the Community Needs Assessment, the Community Engagement Council developed the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Improve environment for students with food allergies in K-12 schools through education and awareness

  • Train members of the CEC to present the FARE Education Network program to local schools

  • Increase awareness of food allergies for school communities with an emphasis on peers and students by sending materials, which include Teal Pumpkin Project, Food Allergy Awareness Week and Be a Pal Program

  • Create a presentation addressing anxiety and managing food allergies for teens

Goal 2: Increase education and awareness of food allergies for health care providers

  • Provide materials to pediatricians to provide to newly diagnosed patients

  • Pursue speaking engagements to inform medical professionals about FARE and the resources available

  • Reach out to school nurses to provide food allergy education

Goal 3: Increase support for the underserved food allergy population and programs they utilize

  • Provide education about food allergies to food bank and pantry staff

  • Provide information to afterschool programs in underserved areas

Community Engagement Council (CEC) Members

  • Theresa Adape, L.M.S.W.
  • Gillian Boyer
  • Eileen Ansel Conery
  • Mercedes Mulvey, R.N.
  • Barbara Robertson, R.N.
  • Eileen Robertson
  • Bonnie Sayers
  • Daisy Tran R.N.
  • Thuy Tran
  • Abbie Voltz