In the Community: Denver

Denver, CO, is one of nine communities in FARE's community engagement initiative. FARE staff are working with local volunteers and FARE Clinical Network sites to raise awareness of food allergies.

Community Needs Assessment Findings

135 respondents completed the Community Needs Assessment. Data findings included:

  • Denver had the lowest awareness of allergy-related clinical trials (39% compared to 46% national average)

  • Nearly one-third of patients reported not getting adequate information at the time of their food allergy diagnosis

  • Among parent respondents, just 33 percent reported that their child’s school recognizes that food allergy may be considered a disability

  • In regards to life with food allergies, dining out safely, accuracy in labeling, availability of emotional support, and safety at school were considered to be top concerns

Community Engagement Focus

To address the needs identified in the Community Needs Assessment, the Denver Community Engagement Council developed the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Improve environment for students with food allergies in K-12 schools through education and awareness

  • Increase awareness among peers through programs like Be a Pal and Teal Pumpkin Project

  • Offer workshops for parents on navigating K-12 schools and for educators on food allergy as a disability

  • Attend professional conferences to connect with school leaders

Goal 2: Improve health care providers' understanding of food allergy by increasing educational opportunities

  • Host an annual lunch and learn event for healthcare providers

  • Provide Food Allergy Field Guides to pediatricians and private practice allergists

  • Connect with emergency physician professionals to share resources

Goal 3: Increase support for families and individuals affected by food allergy by improving education, psychological support, and awareness for the food allergy community and general public

  • Promote Teal Pumpkin Project in local communities

  • Host tween/teen social event

  • Host a social/networking event for parents with an educational component

Community Engagement Council (CEC) Members

  • Courtney Evans
  • David Fleischer, MD
  • Pia Hauk, MD
  • Erin Kempe, DO
  • BJ Lanser, MD
  • Brenda Lee
  • Donald Leung, MD
  • Amanda Lytton, RN
  • Jessica Roeder
  • Nicole Smith
  • Emily Sorenson
  • Michelle Torok, PhD