Making the World Safer for Families with Food Allergies

Guest Post by Kara Schneider

My daughter Adel’s first anaphylactic reaction was at the age of 9 months. She ate a few bites of cottage cheese and within a few minutes she was gasping for breath and her face was so swollen you could no longer see any of her features. We rushed her to the ER and arrived with just moments to spare. Her milk allergy diagnosis left us overwhelmed and frightened for the future.

Food allergies can be very isolating. Any event outside our home was nerve-wracking, especially as she was a toddler who wanted to touch everything....

Countdown to 2018 – What Your Gift Means in 2018 and Beyond

As we count down the final days of 2017, we are excited to look ahead to a new year full of opportunities to provide life, health, and hope for the 15 million Americans with food allergies. We can’t do it without your help! Your generosity today makes it possible for FARE to continue to make an impact with life-changing programming and initiatives in 2018 and beyond.

Your gift to FARE will help:

Holiday Green Bean Casserole

Guest post by Joel and Mary Schaefer

What are entrees without sides?

The Green Bean Casserole is one of the top sides not only at Thanksgiving, but also during the December holidays.

According to Treetopia.com, casseroles clearly dominate the holiday tables. Green bean casseroles were in close battle with sweet potato casseroles for the most searched recipes in December.

This classic casserole was created by Campbell’s in 1955 and has been a staple on holiday tables ever since. Here’s an easy way to upgrade the out-of-the-can version, and we’ve made...

#MyCauseMyCleats Highlights the Food Allergy Community

Photo Credit: New England Patriots

Earlier this month, the New England Patriots’ Alan Branch brought attention to the food allergy community by naming FARE as his choice for the National Football League’s #MyCauseMyCleats campaign. FARE asked Alan and his wife Ashley to share a little more about their food allergy journey and why they chose FARE.


Tell us about your family’s food allergy journey.

Although we were not aware yet, our food allergy journey started around May 2013. Our second daughter was born with allergies that were diagnosed around...

Ways to Make the Holiday Season Special

Cookie-decorating parties, family dinners, office lunches…. Many holiday traditions revolve around food, which can be challenging for individuals and families with food allergies. Both children and adults can end up feeling excluded or like they are missing out on the holiday fun. We asked FARE volunteers to share traditions that their family has created to make the holiday season more special and still safe for their family.

Holidays give us reason to celebrate, and food no matter how you look at it, is the epicenter of holiday joy. When food allergies interrupted our regularly scheduled...

Double Your Impact

Dear Friend,

My family’s food allergy journey began 13 years ago on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle. Taking our seats at a baseball game, we never imagined that the afternoon would reveal our younger son Clint’s life-threating peanut allergy. From that point forward, our family has worked to ensure that Clint can safely enjoy the activities he loves, like baseball, even as we navigate the challenges of his diagnosis.

At first my husband and I were frustrated by the lack of local resources available to parents...

My Food Allergy Journey: Ella’s Story

Guest post by Ella McNiece

My name is Ella McNiece and I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

At the age of 18 months, I had my first reaction to milk. I broke out in hives and was brought to a doctor. After testing, I was diagnosed with food allergies to milk, egg, soy, wheat, strawberries, shellfish, seafood, sesame, legumes, tree nuts and peanut. Since then I have outgrown everything except tree nuts and peanut. Recently, I have begun allergy testing for different tree nuts, something I never thought possible.

I have moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island and back again. I have seen...

Why I Give to FARE

Guest Post from Thuy and Sang Tran

Both of our children live with multiple life-threatening food allergies. Our son Austin is allergic to peanuts, milk, tree nuts & eggs (but not baked eggs), and our daughter Autumn is allergic to milk, tree nuts & eggs (but not baked eggs). They are now teenagers and will most likely have these multiple allergies the rest of their lives.

We were first introduced to the world of food allergies when Austin suffered a severe allergic reaction to his first bottle of formula at 3 months old. Austin's face became so swollen...

Top 10 Resources of 2017

Whether you are brand new to food allergies or you have been managing them for years, FARE offers hundreds of resources to help you in every step of your food allergy journey. If you’re not sure where to start, here are the top 10 most downloaded resources of 2017.

10. Food Allergy Awareness Poster

This poster can be printed and posted in schools, community centers, libraries, or classrooms to help encourage others to understand how to be a friend to someone with food allergies. A premium 11x17 version is available for purchase at FARE's Online Store.


2017 Gifts that Give Back

Looking for another way to support FARE? By purchasing one of these gifts that give back, you can help make a difference for the food allergy community. A portion of proceeds from some of these items is donated to FARE, so your purchase will help advance important food allergy education, research, advocacy and awareness programs!

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