Why Join TeamFARE?

Whenever people come together to work toward a common goal, they are a team. Team FARE represents people like you and hundreds of other volunteers across the United States who have chosen to turn their passions and interests into unique events that raise funds for FARE.


We hope you will consider creating your own event or fundraiser to support our organization and mission. Three reasons why you should join TeamFARE are:

  1. TeamFARE is a community fundraising program that supports FARE.
  2. With an estimated 15 million Americans living with food allergies, there is a critical need to raise awareness and funds for research into life-changing treatments.
  3. You can play an active role in improving the quality of life and health of those with food allergies, now and in the future.

Not sure what type of fundraiser you should lead? Here a few of the ways members of the food allergy community have raised awareness and funds for FARE’s programs:

  • Ran marathons, half marathons or 5K events
  • Set up stands to sell baked goods, hot chocolate or lemonade
  • Asked for donations in lieu of presents at birthday parties or weddings
  • Partnered with local fitness studios or gyms to host charity classes

[caption id="attachment_1522" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Meghan Dolan running Meghan Dolan ran the NYC Half in honor of her sister with food allergies, raising $1,075 for FARE[/caption]

With the Team FARE website, similar fundraising tools and tactics are all available to add to your successful fundraising campaign. Join Team FARE today!

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