Why I Give to FARE

Guest Post from Thuy and Sang Tran

Both of our children live with multiple life-threatening food allergies. Our son Austin is allergic to peanuts, milk, tree nuts & eggs (but not baked eggs), and our daughter Autumn is allergic to milk, tree nuts & eggs (but not baked eggs). They are now teenagers and will most likely have these multiple allergies the rest of their lives.

We were first introduced to the world of food allergies when Austin suffered a severe allergic reaction to his first bottle of formula at 3 months old. Austin's face became so swollen from the reaction that he was almost unrecognizable. As new first-time parents, witnessing that reaction traumatized us, and we are still haunted by that frightening memory today.

We attended our first FARE Walk 10 years ago walking as "Austin & Autumn's Army.” Being at that event and knowing that everyone in attendance was there because they either had an allergy, or cared about someone who had an allergy, was a profound moment for us. When it comes to food allergies, it's easy for parents to be overwhelmed and feel isolated, as if we were the only family faced with the challenge of trying to keep our kids safe from certain foods. The FARE Walk showed us that we were not alone.

That first Walk began our relationship with FARE. We have volunteered at every walk since, and Thuy has served as our Houston Walk chairperson the past few years. Additionally, our family has volunteered at multiple health fairs and attended numerous support group meetings to share our experiences. We wholeheartedly believe in FARE's mission and support FARE's efforts to advocate, educate, and fund research toward viable treatments and a food allergy cure.

No other organization has the bandwidth that FARE provides to our food allergic community. We've heard it described as a pu pu platter that one would order at a Chinese restaurant: FARE offers it all. And that's what families like ours need. We face multiple challenges as a food allergy family, and FARE addresses each of one of them by promoting advocacy thru legislative initiatives, increasing education & raising awareness via online resources and events like the National Conference, Teen Summit & Teal Pumpkin Project®, and providing funding to help support researchers who are working toward viable treatments and a cure for food allergies.

All of these reasons are why our family continues to support and volunteer on behalf of FARE.


Every donation to FARE goes to support life-changing research and initiatives to provide life, health, and hope to the food allergy community. Please consider making a donation today at foodallergy.org/donate.

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