Webinar Rewind: Preschool and Early Childhood Food Allergy Training

If you didn’t have a chance to participate in FARE’s Sept. 24 webinar, Preschool and Early Childhood Food Allergy Training, you can now listen to the recorded webinar and view the slides on the foodallergy.org website. Presented by Gina Clowes, FARE’s national director of training, the webinar summarizes crucial information that FARE has been sharing with preschools and caregivers this year to help keep the youngest members of our food allergy community safe and included.

Young children are at the highest risk for having a food allergy reaction in a school or care setting: one study found that 64 percent of reactions to food at school happen at a preschool or childcare facility. The webinar begins with the heart-wrenching memories of Thomas Silvera, whose three-year-old son Elijah died from a reaction to milk last year after he was given a grilled cheese sandwich at his preschool. We are grateful to the Silvera family for sharing their message that preschool food allergy training is vitally important.

The presentation covers five key topics that both parents and school staff need to know:

  • Understanding food allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Implementing emergency care plans
  • Recognizing and treating food allergy reactions
  • Managing food allergies in young children
  • Preparing and serving food

We hope you’ll share this webinar with early childhood educators, childcare providers and everyone you know who works with young children. Our vulnerable youngsters are looking to us to help them stay safe.