Webinar Recording and Recap: Building the Village Food Allergy Families Need

In a Nov. 21, 2018 webinar, Building the Village Food Allergy Families Need, health strategist and innovator Glenna Crooks, PhD, describes how the social networks of your child with food allergy can help your family manage this serious medical condition. Her approach to communicating vital health information to members of your child’s networks is supported with additional online resources that you can access through FARE.

Slides can be viewed here.

Every child with food allergy is a member of many social networks, from immediate and extended family to personal and family friends, caregivers, educators, coaches, health care providers and more. Each of these relationships that involves food also involves risk for your child. By identifying the people in your child’s networks and the roles each network member plays in protecting your child, you can streamline the process of communicating your child’s needs and make it easier to monitor and manage situations that might bring your child into contact with problem foods.

In the webinar, Crooks presents a case study in which the power of networks is harnessed by parents of a five-year-old boy with celiac disease. This case study offers a general introduction to this networks approach to keeping kids with medically restricted diets safe, although Crooks notes that managing food allergies involves additional challenges, such as sharing emergency action plans and ensuring that a trained adult is always available to recognize allergic reactions and provide any needed medications, including epinephrine auto injectors.

The celiac disease case study can also be viewed on Crooks’ password-protected website, where you can find helpful templates for mapping your own child’s networks. To receive the password and access these online resources, please email your password request to FARE National Programs Senior Manager Karie Mulkowsky at kmulkowsky@foodallergy.org.

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