FARE's Food Allergy Heroes Walk

Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Cheryl and Zach Fruiterman

14-year-old Zach Fruiterman leads Team Zach Attack, the top fundraising team at the Albany, NY FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk. His mom, Cheryl, has been involved with the walk for nine years and currently serves as the Chair for the Albany Food Allergy Heroes Walk. We asked Cheryl and Zack to share about their experiences and why they walk every year.

Tell us about your family’s connection to food allergies.

Cheryl: Zach was diagnosed with allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish when he was 13 months old. His cousin...

Five Steps to Successful Fundraising

FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk began as a grassroots movement and has since grown into a thriving national program to support food allergy research, education, advocacy, and awareness. Our walk program is the critical vehicle for FARE to create impact through peer-to-peer fundraising in communities across the country. It is also an incredible opportunity for all families and individuals affected by food allergies to connect with each other, unite in a safe space, and celebrate their potential as changemakers for better outcomes for their...

Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Swati Shah

Swati Shah learned about FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk this year and immediately jumped at the chance to get involved and make a difference for the food allergy community by joining the Northern Virginia Food Allergy Heroes Walk committee. She also started a walk team that now has over 50 members! We asked Swati to share a little about her food allergy journey and why she walks.


Tell us about your connection to food allergies.

My son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies when he was 18 months old. It was a huge shock, but we...

Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Ally Kalishman

FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk is an incredible opportunity for families and individuals affected by food allergies to connect with each other, unite in a safe space, and celebrate their potential as changemakers for better outcomes for their children and loved ones. These walks are made possible thanks to food allergy heroes such as high school freshman, Ally Kalishman. We asked Ally to share some of her story and why she walks.


Tell us about your connection to food allergies.

Food allergies have been a big part of my life for so...

Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Alivia Ball

Alivia Ball's Lemonade Stand.

Alivia Ball shows that you’re never too young to make an impact and raise awareness for food allergies. Alivia is 9.5 years old and for the past four years has been running a lemonade stand to raise money for her FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk team in St. Louis. This year’s two lemonade stands had a 50’s theme and raised over $1,625 for her walk team. We asked her to tell us more about her allergies and her fundraiser:

What are your food allergies?

I am anaphylactic to tree nuts. I passed a peanut challenge, but still avoid peanuts...

What’s it like having food allergies?

It stinks and there are a lot of precautions you have to take.

Tell us about your lemonade stand.

This is my fourth annual lemonade stand. It has gotten bigger and bigger each year. I love how my mom lets me add new things (and the customers like it too). We have nut-free sweet treats, snow cones, popcorn, and lemonade!

Why did you want to do the lemonade stand? Why was it was important to you?

Well, when I started, I didn't really know why I was doing it. But then as I got older I realized why we were really doing it. Also, whenever we would go to...

Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Maureen Burke

In 2010, Maureen Burke launched One Dish Cuisine Café, Deli and Bakery in Ellicott City, MD to provide healthy food that is served in a allergy-friendly environment with minimal risk of cross contact of allergens. Her gluten-free and allergen-friendly meals are provided to restaurants, hospitals, and grocery stores in the local area. Maureen has been involved with FARE Food Allergy Walks, and One Dish Cuisine is an active supporter of the Rockville and Baltimore Food Allergy Heroes Walks. We asked her to share more of her story and why she...

How did you get involved in FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk?

When I first opened the Cafe, Deli and Bakery, the walks used to be in Ellicott City; it was an easy way to bring safe food samples to those in need and helped raise funds for such a great cause. One of the biggest challenges we face is educating the public about the seriousness of food allergies and FARE is filling this need. When I have time I volunteer doing education sessions in elementary schools and speaking engagements from time to time.  

What is your favorite part about FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk?

The gathering of...

Why We Walk

Why We Walk Post

Every person who walks in FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk has a story and a reason for walking. Here are just a few of the reasons volunteers around the country take part in Food Allergy Heroes Walks:

“We walk to spread awareness of food allergies and to raise money for research. Food allergies have affected our family greatly since our daughter was diagnosed 9 years ago. We would like her to live a carefree life just like any other kid.  We know that this is not possible, but we can make it better by educating others and hopefully...