Top 5 Kitchen Dos and Don’ts for Food Allergy Safety

Today, FARE debuted new food safety resources in collaboration with Chef Joel Schaefer, including a recipe competition, two new YouTube cooking tutorials, and more! You can find these resources on the FARE website. Also released today is a Creating a Food Allergy Safety Zone in Your Home booklet, which includes this list of "Dos and Don'ts" for safe cooking.



  1. Use only thoroughly cleaned cutting boards, pots, pans and utensils. Consider buying separate pans and utensils with colored handles to help family members identify them.
  2. Keep a designated area to store special products and equipment.
  3. Wash your hands before preparing food for a person with food allergies.
  4. Use fresh ingredients and cooking oils.
  5. Designate special plates, either by shape or color, to help identify allergen-free meals.


  1. Place allergen-free food directly on shared equipment, such as an outdoor grill.
  2. Use utensils that have just been used to prepare allergen-containing foods, or that haven’t properly been cleaned, to prepare food for individuals with food allergies.
  3. Use processed foods or foods that have been marinated unless you verify the ingredients.
  4. Use foods that contain ingredients that you don’t know or can’t confirm.
  5. Place safe meals in the same area as meals that may contain allergens.

You can download the full "Creating a Food Allergy Safety Zone in Your Home" booklet and find more resources in FARE's press release.