Thank You for Turning Your Halloween Teal!

FARE thanks everyone who made Teal Pumpkin Project 2018 a happy memory for the 5.9 million U.S. kids managing food allergies and to many others with dietary restrictions. FARE’s fifth year of promoting safe, inclusive trick-or-treating touched young lives in all 50 states. For the first time, FARE collaborated with leading food allergy organizations to spread the word that displaying a teal pumpkin and offering a non-food trick-or-treat option helps makes Halloween fun for all children. Broadcast and online news sources pitched in, highlighting the Teal Pumpkin Project nearly 3,000 times this year.

Nearly 28,000 of you pinned your address to the Teal Pumpkin Project map, ensuring that trick-or-treaters managing food allergies and their parents could find participating households, and the Nextdoor app also added a teal pumpkin icon this year to indicate where to find allergy-safe toys and prizes.

Here are some of the teal-rific stories and images you shared with us this Halloween:

New York, NY: Extending the Teal Pumpkin Project’s message to more than 70,000 viewers, food allergy advocate Max Platin appeared with his mom, Lana, and cousin, Jackson, on Sunday Today in New York.


Green Bay, WI: Adel Schneider, who received a 2018 Teen Achievement Award at last week’s FARECon featuring Teen Summit Conference, joined her mom, Kara, to talk up the Teal Pumpkin Project on Local 5 Live.


Reno, NV: Veronica Chavez, Erin Hess and Aaron Hess from Northern Nevada Allergy Asthma Parent Education got the word out about what teal pumpkins signal to kids with food allergies.


Denver, CO: Jessica Roeder, a volunteer walk chair with FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk showed how a teal pumpkin and non-food treats can help make Halloween enjoyable for everyone.


Reston, VA: Food Allergy Heroes Walk volunteer Erika Greer took to the airwaves inviting viewers to visit a Teal Pumpkin Party at the Reston Farm market.


Madison Heights, MI: Emergency responders know that food-induced anaphylaxis is a growing epidemic. Police and firefighters got into the teal pumpkin spirit.


Harrisonburg, VA: As part of their Spooktacular event for Halloween, the Bellaire at Stone Port assisted living community included a Teal Pumpkin Project table with crafts and non-food treats.


And from coast to coast to points between, and even our neighbor to the North, thank you for sharing how safety, inclusion and non-food treats make Halloween fun for everyone. Here are just a few of the posts you shared with us!






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It's almost Halloween, and my four little women wondered if you guys have heard of the #TealPumpkinProject? By placing a teal pumpkin at your door and providing non-food "treats," you can raise awareness of food allergies and promote the inclusion of ALL trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season! 💙 Because two of our daughters have Celiac, we are always trying to find ways to help them feel not "other" when it comes to things like class parties, going out to eat at restaurants, and even Halloween. It's not easy to be a kiddo with food allergies, and it's sometimes hard for them to understand why for every meal, every snack, every party, every holiday....they have to be just a bit different than everyone else at the table. Our home is almost 100% gluten free at this point, because we want our girls with Celiac to feel like home is where they are just like everyone else, but it's still hard to watch them miss out on things their friends get to easily do at times...which is why when we heard about the #TealPumpkinProject, our family was IN! So, if you think about it, maybe paint a little blue pumpkin to let trick-or-treaters with food allergies know that you are providing non-food options so that EVERYone can feel included on this fun holiday! Such a simple way to include children who sometimes are left on the outside looking in. Thanks for reading, and if you join with us, I'd love to see! Tag me in stories or on your teal pumpkin pic caption this Halloween! 💙 #celiacawareness #foodallergyawareness #trickortreat #halloween2018

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FARE thanks CVS Pharmacy, FunWord, Michaels and free2b Foods for their 2018 sponsorship.