Spring Into Action: Heidi's Story

Heidi is a food allergy mom who became a leader in her workplace and local community, recruiting 100 of her co-workers to join FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk in Baltimore! Heidi shares her story:

When my daughter experienced anaphylaxis to peanuts for the first time at 18 months, I remember feeling very helpless and afraid. Our entire world changed so much in just one day! A friend recommended Dr. Robert Wood's book Food Allergies for Dummies to me and I read it within the span of a week. I saw that Dr. Wood was going to be speaking at a FARE conference about an hour from where I live. I just had to go!

Several years later, I was working at a job that required community service hours. I had seen emails promoting FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walks in the past, but I had never participated. That particular year, though, I was considering signing my family up for the Baltimore Food Allergy Heroes Walk because I know that there is currently no cure for food allergies and I would love to see the day when my daughter does not have to worry about every bite of food that she eats. It would be a life-changer.

It occurred to me that other people in my company would be looking for community service opportunities as well. I went onto our intranet and proposed that we form a team of volunteers to help out on Walk Day. I got an overwhelming response. Over 100 people signed up!

It was so amazing seeing people I had never met volunteering for a cause that was so near and dear to my heart. In 2017 we participated as a company team again. I would love to see that trend continue.

If you are thinking about signing up for a Food Allergy Heroes Walk or other FARE event – go for it! Not just because it's for a great cause, but because you will meet a community of supportive, caring families that you can connect with, learn from, share with, and have an impact on. Get out there and do it!

You can spring into action for FARE just like Heidi. By making a gift today, you help FARE inspire others to support a mission that impacts 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. Donate today!