Sneak Peek at Allergic Living's Fall '17 Magazine

Allergic Living Cover Fall 2017

Editor Gwen Smith offers FARE’s followers a look at highlights of the new Fall Allergic Living magazine, which is available now at Barnes & Noble or online here.

Is Your Hospital's Food Allergy-Friendly? You would think that hospitals are a safe space for those with food allergies. But as an Allergic Living investigation reveals, too often that is not the case. In the new Fall magazine, we report the experiences of many families, including incidents such as the 11-year-old boy with multiple food allergies who was in the hospital following anaphylaxis – only to be served a bagel with peanut butter (one of his allergens, which he fortunately noticed).

Allergic Living writer Claire Gagné identifies a concerning lack of reliable food allergy protocols. But she also introduces readers to a few hospital chefs and dietitians who are leading the charge for accommodations. They have implemented technologically advanced measures to avoid food cross-contact and in-room tray errors. Gagné also offers excellent tips for those scheduled for a hospital stay.

This must-read article is a wakeup call that hospitals need come to terms with the reality that 15 million Americans now have food allergies, and may require care at these institutions.

FARE Views: Dr. James Baker, FARE’s CEO, writes a column that examines the state of epinephrine auto-injector access a year after the Mylan pricing controversy. While he sees positive changes with new choices and some price relief, he also encourages the FDA to allow even greater epinephrine device competition as "the best assurance of affordability." Read Dr. Baker's column online as a preview of the Fall Allergic Living edition.

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More Fall ’17 Allergic Living Highlights  

• Fall's Best Recipes: From pizza to poutine fries and pumpkin doughnuts, allergy chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer offer amazing Top 8-free recipes.   
• Campus Life: Students with food allergies spill on their best and worst college experiences.
• Parenting: Preparing your child with food allergies for that first sleepover.
• Latest: Allergy news and 'friendly' products for the school or the kitchen.
• Ask the Allergy Experts: Featuring Dr. Scott Sicherer, Dr. Hemant Sharma, and Dr. Clifford Bassett.
I Was Foolish About Allergies: A first-person confession from a millennial who learned the hard way about the need for vigilance to avoid cross-contact.

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