Peanut-Sensitive Baseball Games in 2018

Spring training is about to begin which means that summer is almost here! Attending a baseball game is a time honored tradition for many families each season. For individuals and families with peanut allergies, attending a game can be challenging. More and more baseball teams are recognizing this and now offer special peanut-aware events.

FARE makes information about these events available to the public and partners on a community level with peanut-sensitive and peanut-aware sporting events across the country. Please note that FARE plays no role in the organization or policing of activity of these events, and FARE does not offer stadium preparation guidelines for these games. Each stadium may use different preparation practices and FARE encourages individuals to reach out directly to the venue to learn more about their efforts.

Baltimore Orioles

A Peanut Allergy Suite is available for the games on May 8 vs. Kansas City; May 28 vs. Washington; June 15 vs. Miami; June 25 vs. Seattle; July 13 vs. Texas; July 23 vs. Boston; and August 14 vs. New York Mets. The Peanut Allergy Suite on the Oriole Park Club Level will be cleaned thoroughly before each game and reserved specifically for those fans and their guests with a peanut allergy. Tickets for this suite are available via phone order only at 888-848-BIRD.

Birmingham Barons

The Birmingham Barons will hold a peanut-reduced night on July 18 as they take on the Jacksonville Generals. The ballpark will be thoroughly cleaned and all peanuts and peanut products will also be removed from the ballpark to allow fans with peanut allergies to enjoy America's favorite pastime. Learn more here.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox will be offering peanut-sensitive sections at their games on May 20, May 27, June 10, July 9, July 29, August 19, and August 21. Tickets are not yet on sale. If you are interested in being added to the email list to receive information as soon as it is available, email

Chicago Cubs

While the Chicago Cubs are unable to offer peanut-sensitive sections in Wrigley Field due to renovations, they do recommend calling the Wrigleyville Rooftops at 773-248-7663.  The rooftops can be peanut free on certain game dates throughout the season.

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are offering Peanut Allergy Awareness Games on May 19th and July 15th. For more information, visit

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are pleased to announce the addition of peanut allergy-friendly games for the 2018 season on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 against the Kansas City Royals and Saturday, May 26 versus the Chicago White Sox. For more information or to purchase tickets for peanut-friendly games visit

Fort Wayne TinCaps

The Fort Wayne TinCaps will offer peanut sensitive games on May 14, June 8, and June 15. For more information, click here.

Indianapolis Indians

The Indianapolis Indians will hold a peanut allergy awareness night on May 11. The sale of all peanut-containing products will be stopped for the game. Learn more here.

Kane County Cougars

The Kane County Cougars will hold peanut-sensitive nights on April 23, May 21 and June 12. Click here for more information.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals will offer a designated peanut allergy-friendly suite which will sell soft drinks and food such as hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos at the games on April 28, June 19, July 8, August 16, and September 2. There will also be a designated bathroom accessible from the suite to minimize exposure. Tickets can be purchased by emailing Katy.Davis@Royals.Com. Learn more here.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The LA Dodgers will have a Peanut Allergy Friendly Game on Monday, July 30th at  7:10pm. To purchase tickets, contact Britni Howze at (323)224-1304 or

Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins will be offering a peanut-sensitive night this year. Check back for more information on the date and how to purchase tickets.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers will offer peanut-sensitive games on June 11, June 21, July 30, August 3, and September 28.

Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are planning several peanut-sensitive games in 2018. Check back for more information and specifics! 

Nashville Sounds

The Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center presents Peanut Free Night at the Nashville Sounds on April 25, 2018. The park will be cleaned and no peanut products will be served. Learn more here.

New York Mets

The New York Mets will hold their Eighth Annual Peanut Controlled Suite Day on April 15 as they take on the Milwaukee Brewers. No peanuts will be allowed in Empire Party Suite 201, 202 and 203 for the game. For more information, please contact Mark Phillips at 718-565-4350 or email

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees will be offering peanut-reduced suites at the May 5 and July 3 home games. If you would like more information or to purchase tickets, email Cristiana Campana at

Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics introduced a peanut-sensitive zone for all games at the Oakland Coliseum in 2017 and plan to continue in 2018. No peanuts will be allowed in the section and it will be cleaned prior to each game. One entrance to the Coliseum will be designated as peanut-controlled. This section will not have separate rest rooms or concessions so fans may still be exposed to peanuts in other areas of the ballpark.

Pawtucket Red Sox

The Pawtucket Red Sox will be offering peanut-sensitive games on June 19, August 13, and August 28. Peanut products will not be sold anywhere throughout the ballpark during those three games. Purchase tickets here.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies will host peanut reduced suites at their games on 4/29, 5/13, 6/8, 7/3, 7/20, 8/17, 9/16. A limited number of tickets will be available in Corporate Suites 2 and 3, located on Suite Level of Citizens Bank Park. Tickets are priced at $60 for each game, which includes food & beverage (non-alcoholic). Peanuts will not be allowed in these suites for these seven games. Tickets for seating in the Peanut Reduced Suites are reserved for individuals with peanut allergies and their families only. 

Reading Fightin Phils

The Reading Fightin Phils will hold a Food Allergy Awareness game on Thursday, July 12. All peanuts will be removed from the stadium and the entire stadium will be cleaned. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact Brian Wells at 610-370-BALL, x249.

San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres and FARE are proud to present the Peanut-Controlled Zone at Petco Park on Sunday, July 29th as the Padres take on the Pirates at 1:10 p.m.  A portion of ticket sales will be donated to FARE. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants will host a Peanut Allergy Friendly Day at AT&T Park on Wednesday, June 27th as the Giants take on the Rockies. Each person with a ticket for VR 336 will be required to sign a waiver before entering the Peanut Controlled Section. For any questions regarding Peanut Allergy Friendly Day please email

Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners will offer peanut controlled areas at the games on April 15, May 27, June 30, July 20, and August 21. No peanuts will be allowed in sections 313, 314 and 315 in the view level during these games, signage will be present to alert other fans. The seating area will be cleaned and checked just prior to the gates being opened. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals will host a peanut-controlled day on Sunday, May 20th. Section 272 will have restrictions on peanuts. Find more information and purchase tickets here.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays is again offering 15 peanut and nut allergy-friendly games planned in 2018. Sections 204L and 205R will be designated and will be cleaned thoroughly prior to each of these games. A specific entrance and ticket desk will be designated peanut/nut-reduced and additional staff and emergency personnel will be available near the peanut/nut-reduced zone. For more information, click here.

Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals are offering a peanut-sensitive area at the following home games: April 7, May 5, May 20, July 2, July 7, August 4, August 19, and September 23. Tickets will go on sale March 5 and can be purchased by emailing

West Michigan WhiteCaps

The West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit Tigers affiliate) will have 2 peanut-controlled game days  this season at the June 5 and June 6 games. No peanuts or peanut products sold or permitted in the stadium those game days. Learn more here.

Do you know of a peanut-aware game that is not listed? Let us know in the comments! We will continue to update this list as more information is available.

updated 6/14/2018

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Submitted by Ann Marie Liskey (not verified) on Fri, 03/02/2018 - 17:11


July 18, 2018
Birmingham Barons Peanut-Free Night,
Regions Field, Birmingham, Alabama,
Hosted by Birmingham Barron’s and Regions Field, Presented by Alabama Allergy & Asthma

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Submitted by Rebecca Andrusiak (not verified) on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 08:30


Grand Rapids, MI-The West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit Tigers affiliate) will have 2 PEANUT FREE game days - June 5th 11am and June 6th 7 pm. No peanuts or peanut products sold or permitted in the stadium those game days . ??????

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Submitted by Angela (not verified) on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 18:07


St. Louis Cardinals have a peanut controlled day on Sunday, May 20th. Section 272 will have restrictions on Peanuts.

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Submitted by Liz Edwards (not verified) on Sat, 03/03/2018 - 23:06


The Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center presents Peanut Free Night at the Nashville Sounds on April 25, 2018. The park will be cleaned and no peanut products will be served.

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