Making the Case for Stock Epinephrine in Your School and Community

With legislation allowing undesignated epinephrine in schools and public places continuing to have momentum throughout the country, FARE has created two toolkits to help families advocate for inclusion of stock epinephrine in their communities.


Advocating for Undesignated Stock Epinephrine in Your School offers talking points, a frequently asked questions section and background on epinephrine in schools. This toolkit can be shared with school nurses and administrators in states where undesignated epinephrine is allowed.  To date, 49 states have laws or guidelines allowing or requiring undesignated epinephrine in schools, but not every school is participating.


Advocating for Undesignated Stock Epinephrine in Your Community also provides talking points and frequently asked questions, but is focused on public entities, like restaurant, daycare centers, sport stadiums and amusement parks. To date, legislation allowing undesignated epinephrine in public places has been passed, or is close to passing, in more than 25 states.

The toolkits empower the food allergy community to advocate for access to this life-saving drug in their own neighborhoods. Research suggests that more than half of fatal food allergy reactions are triggered by food consumed outside the home. And more than 20 percent of all epinephrine administrations that occur in the school setting involve individuals with a previously unknown allergy.

Stock epinephrine saves lives. Download these toolkits now so that you have the facts and supporting documentation to request stock epinephrine in your school or community.