FDA advisory committee votes to recommend approval of breakthrough peanut allergy treatment

Today, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panelists voted to recommend the approval of Aimmune Therapeutics’ groundbreaking peanut allergy treatment, AR101, for patients aged 4-17. The FDA held the advisory committee meeting to review and make recommendations on the safety and effectiveness of the product. While AR101 is not yet approved, the recommendation of the advisory committee is key milestone in the FDA’s review process. FARE’s CEO, Lisa Gable, spoke on behalf of the food allergy community during the meeting. 

“Food allergy patients and their families live in constant fear of accidental exposure and have been calling for new and more comprehensive treatment options for far too long. Today’s decision by the FDA advisory committee is an important first step toward changing the standard of care for food allergy patients and will help pave the way for additional treatments,” said Gable. “Most importantly, today we saw the collective strength of the food allergy community, advocating loud and clear for an end to avoidance as the only available treatment option. Today was a victory for all food allergy families,” concluded Gable.

Our mission at FARE is to improve the quality of life and health of individuals with food allergies, and to provide them hope through the promise of new treatments. Supporting the research and development that goes into making a product like AR101 widely available to patients is a critical component of that mission and something we are deeply committed to. 

Today’s decision by the FDA advisory committee is welcome news to the food allergy community. FARE remains fiercely devoted to supporting therapies with the potential to reduce the daily burden of living with any form of food allergy. Now is the time to redouble our efforts and take further steps toward a solution for patients living with peanut allergy and other potentially life-threatening food allergies.