FARE Launches Redesigned Foodallergy.org with Focus on the Food Allergy Journey

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, foodallergy.org, the nation’s trusted source of evidence-based information for millions of Americans affected by this potentially life-threatening disease. 

With nearly 2.5 million visitors annually, foodallergy.org has been a crucial resource for information on all aspects of food allergy, including anaphylaxis, staying safe at school, food allergens and much more. FARE’s new website intuitively places important resources in easy-to-find areas based on milestones in an individual’s food allergy journey.

Importantly, educational content with medical information has been revised to make it easier to understand by all individuals with food allergies, in keeping with health literacy recommendations. Members of FARE’s Clinical Advisory Board Executive Committee reviewed changes to medical content to make sure the content remains clear and accurate.

“When we began to envision our new website, one of the main objectives was to broaden our reach. We did this not only by making changes to help increase understanding of this complex disease, but also by designing a warm, welcoming site that puts our top resources at your fingertips,” said Lois A. Witkop, Chief Advancement Officer at FARE. “We’re excited for members of the food allergy community to explore the new site, and to make it a frequent destination as they engage with FARE throughout their food allergy journey. We’re there for them every step of the way.”

In addition to resources for adults and family members managing food allergies, FARE’s website provides a comprehensive suite of resources and tools for anyone caring for or serving individuals with food allergies, including school staff, healthcare providers and food industry professionals.

Visitors to the website will also appreciate the responsive design of the new site that ensures outstanding access, whether they use phones, tablets or computers. Regardless of the device, the information is organized intuitively and remains easy-to-read.

FARE’s vibrant new website is a primary source for finding support groups, identifying training programs and presentations and obtaining information about FARE’s research initiatives.  It also has important documents that can be downloaded including the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and our popular “Field Guide," which contains essential information for individuals newly diagnosed with food allergies. 

Visit foodallergy.org today to learn more about FARE’s new website.

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