FARE Kids Who Care: Haleigh Loso

Haleighscan_headWe often hear about terrific kids across the country who go above and beyond in their efforts to support food allergy education, advocacy, awareness and research. Whether they’re fundraising, advocating for legislation, or helpingraise awareness in their communities, these kids are making a big difference for the food allergy community. Today, we are launching our new “FARE Kids Who Care” blog series to share with you their inspiring stories.

Haleigh Loso is one of 10 students at Woodland Elementary in Portage, Michigan, who has been diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies. While the 8-year-old has outgrown her allergies to corn, peas and beans, she is still allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and shellfish.

"I pray every day that someone will find a cure for me and my friends," Haleigh said.

Along with the three sets of epinephrine auto-injectors and antihistamines she carries, her classmates and the school staff have been critical to keeping her safe and helping her feel supported when she comes to school each day.

At the beginning of this school year, Haleigh and her mom spearheaded a fundraiser for FARE at her school. They pitted classes against each other, seeing which class could bring in the most money to win the school-wide “Change Wars.” The three classes to raise the most money were rewarded by seeing their teachers come to school in a wig for a day.

Not only did Haleigh lead her school to raise more than $1,600, but she helped raise awareness about food allergies by sending home information to each family, providing allergy-friendly snacks to the winning classes, and equipping each classroom in the school with books about food allergies.

Below is a picture of the teachers whose classes won the Change Wars. According to Haleigh: “They were great sports and wore their wigs the entire school day! My friends LOVED it!”


A big thank you to our FARE Kid Who Cares Haleigh and all of the Woodland Elementary community for participating in this fundraiser! The innovative ideas and hard work of kids like Haleigh help us continue our work of ensuring the safety and inclusion of those with food allergies, while also seeking the cure that Haleigh hopes for.

Do you have a great idea for a fundraiser? Get in touch with your regional office: www.foodallergy.org/regional-offices

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