9 Things Teens with Food Allergies Appreciate about their Superhero Moms

When we asked members of the FARE Teen Advisory Group to write about their personal Food Allergy Action Hero, a common theme emerged: when it comes to food allergies, their moms were their biggest supporters.

On Mother’s Day, we want to share some of the touching things they said about their super food allergy moms. Hats off to these awesome mothers for keeping their children safe, empowering them with knowledge, and raising some great kids!


“If I feel bad about something food allergy related, Mom comforts me with her soft touch powers and kind, reassuring words. She knows all about allergies because of her strong food allergy knowledge. Through her heroics, Super Mom has inspired me to take action and promote allergy awareness. Last year, I participated in the Philadelphia Area FARE Walk for Food Allergy. My team raised over one thousand dollars. Of course, Super Mom was there the entire time, walking next to me. So, in conclusion, my mom is a pretty great mom. She may not be a real superhero. She may not wear a fancy costume. But, she is my hero.” – Danny K.

“She always makes sure that we can still have normal experiences and she doesn’t let our food allergies define us.” – Erin S.

She has empowered me and taught me the importance of triple checking whatever I am eating to be certain that it does not contain tree nuts, as well as the lesson of how it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Without her, I would have probably not been as proactive as I am today about my food allergy to tree nuts.” – Tommy D.

“I am highly grateful for all the things she does at home; she goes even more out of her way when traveling to give me the best possible experience. She always asks friends, family, and even strangers to translate my complicated list of allergies in foreign countries. Instead of relying on Google translate, or depending on an English-speaking waiter, she has a native speaker translate my food allergies to be positive. Overall, based on my mother’s personality, she is more than responsible with my allergies and shows creativity, effort and love.” – Isabelle R.


“In middle school she gave me the courage to stand up and make a change by talking to the school nurse and principal after I noticed just how often kids in my school were having allergic reactions in the cafeteria and how little my peers knew about food allergies. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without my mom.” – Claire S.

“No matter how old I get, my mom still looks out for me. Sometimes when I am too shy to talk to people about my allergies, she will step in and guide me in the right direction of what to say. Even though my mom is not famous in the food allergy community, she is still my hero.” – Leigha F.

“Ever since I was diagnosed with peanut allergies, she has taken every step possible to ensure my safety, inclusion, and comfort in any situation. She truly puts me and my health before herself and I cannot be any more thankful!” – Hannah S.

She helps me with my food allergies in so many ways. She has taught me to check for nuts in any food products I have never eaten before. She also taught me how to use my epinephrine auto-injector.” - Amy K

“My mom is my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my allergies. She is constantly helping me plan ahead and find ways to stay safe. For the past two years, she has helped me organize a fundraiser to raise awareness and donations for FARE every Halloween. She has taught me to advocate for myself. Without my mom, I would not feel nearly as comfortable being open about my food allergies.” – Claudia M.

From all of us at FARE, Happy Mother’s Day to all food allergy moms!