5 Things to Remember Before Leaving the House with Food Allergies [Free Printable Checklist]

Without the schedule and structure of the school year, summer can be a time of heightened risk for those with food allergies. It's easy to forget something when you're racing out the door to swim practice or a family picnic. Print and post this new checklist from FARE around your home to help you remember your food allergy essentials.

  1. Antihistamines, inhaler, other medications
    Check for all prescribed medications. Remember that anti-histamines cannot treat anaphylaxis.
  2. Safe snacks
    Even if you're hungry, never take a chance with a food you're not sure is safe for you.
  3. Hand wipes
    Antibacterial hand gel does not remove food allergens. Use soap and water or commercial hand wipes.
  4. Emergency Care Plan
    This plan informs you and others how to respond in case of a food allergy reaction.

Download the checklist as a printable PDF (two checklists per page).

For more helpful resources like this one, visit FARE's Safe for the Summer website .