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Teen Advisory Group

FARE’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is our voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community. They write articles for our Teen Blog, website and other publications, serve as mentors and offer support for other teens who are seeking guidance, and help guide our youth programs.

Some issues our TAG members help to address include handling social situations, dining out, facing challenges unique to teens, and educating the community about what it means to be a teen with food allergies. 

FARE’s 2014 Teen Advisory Group (TAG) has a total of 180 TAG members who are working on youth programs, creating content for our website and blog, and supporting and advocating for teens with food allergies across the country. They serve as leaders nationally and within in their geographic regions to provide peer-to-peer mentorship. Teen advisors can be found supporting programs in six different geographic areas: Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New York/New England, Southeast, Southwest and West.

TAG members will serve as advisors from April 2014 to February 2015, and additional program opportunities will be made available through their efforts. For information on connecting with TAG members in your area, or any of our teen programs, contact Lynn Heun, Family Services Manager, at