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Teen Advisory Group

FARE’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is our voice for the teen and young adult food allergy community. They write articles for our Teen Blog, website and other publications, serve as mentors and offer support for other teens who are seeking guidance, and help guide our youth programs.

Some issues our TAG members help to address include handling social situations, dining out, facing challenges unique to teens, and educating the community about what it means to be a teen with food allergies. 

The 2013 Teen Advisory Group was represented by members from across the country:

Gaby B - Connecticut
Lucy B - Kansas
Nicholas B – Connecticut
Tim C - Indiana
Angela C - California
Kate C – New York
Allison D – New Jersey
Melissa E - Illinois
Elizabeth E - Kentucky
Isabelle F - Florida
Max F – New Jersey
Jeremy F – Massachusetts
Sarah G - Connecticut
Emery G – New Jersey
Patricia G – New Jersey
Jacob G – New York
Scott G - Nevada
Matthew G - Nevada
Dana G – New York
Julia G - Delaware
Emily H – New Jersey
Kelly H - Texas
Kendall H - California
Madeline K – New York
Leah M - Maryland
Jennifer M  - New York
Claudia M – North Carolina
Halle N - Pennsylvania
Claudia P - Connecticut
Reed P – North Carolina
Amanda P – New York
Isabel P - Virginia
Jennifer P - Florida
Madeleine-Camille P - Maryland
Isabelle P - Florida
Jake R – New York
Katherine S – New Jersey
Tori S - Maryland
Nora S – New York
Hannah S - Pennsylvania
Achint S - Massachusetts
Elisa S – New Jersey
Sydney S – New Jersey
Carlo S – New York
Charlie T - Tennessee
Emily Z - Pennsylvania