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Fifteen million Americans have food allergies – and they are eager to find restaurants that can accommodate their needs. FARE is proud to offer the following resources, as well as two comprehensive national training programs to help restaurant personnel become more food allergy aware, offered in partnership with the National Restaurant Association and MenuTrinfo.


Our SafeFARE program offers tools that help create a safer dining experience – including “Find a Restaurant,” a searchable database of allergy aware restaurants. If your employees have completed the ServSafe® Allergens Online Course or AllerTrain™ classes (more information below), you can sign up at to set up a free account and add your restaurant to our database.

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ServSafe™ Allergens Online Course

This comprehensive, interactive new course helps restaurant personnel better understand the needs and safety precautions required when serving guests with food allergies. The National Restaurant Association has been providing food safety training to restaurants nationwide for nearly 40 years with its ServSafe program. The ServSafe Allergens Online Course is designed to educate all restaurant workers – from the hostess in the front of the house, to the manager and executive chef, to the line cook in the back of the house – about the severity of food allergy and the precautions that must be taken. Important topics such as cross-contact are discussed in detail.

Employees who successfully complete the training and knowledge tests, which are taken online, will receive a certificate of achievement demonstrating their knowledge of food allergy issues. Employees who leave the establishment for another restaurant are able to carry over their certificate.
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AllerTrain® Program

Created by MenuTrinfo, a provider of nutritional analysis and allergen training, this program offers training in the classroom setting, as well as live webinars that are conducted by an instructor. TheAllerTrain® program teaches chefs and foodservice employees safe handling and delivery procedures of meals to diners with food allergies. Available training includes AllerTrain U®, AllerTrain U® Condensed, and AllerTrain K12® programs, which are designed for university and foodservice staff, respectively.

AllerTrain programs are eligible for American Culinary Federation continuing education credits and include a three-year certification that broadcasts to customers that foodservice establishments have the ability to safely meet unique dietary needs.   
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