Advancing a Cure

A Vision and Plan for Food Allergy Research

In November 2013, FARE published “A Vision and Plan for Food Allergy Research,” a comprehensive strategic plan that sets forth FARE’s strategy for building a deep scientific understanding of the disease and accelerating the development of safe, practical therapies that would shield individuals with food allergies from life-threatening reactions.

This strategic plan is the culmination of nearly a year of work by FARE and leading scientists in the field. In April 2013, FARE brought together more than 50 leading researchers, senior government officials, industry representatives, and food allergy advocates at a Research Retreat in Washington, DC. The discussions at the Retreat formed the basis for FARE’s three-pillar research strategy, which is outlined in “A Vision and Plan for Food Allergy Research.”

These pillars are:

  • Develop a strategy and infrastructure. FARE will create a national coordinating center for research, known as the FARE Research Organization (FARO), which will develop standardized clinical trial protocols; certify a national network of highly qualified food allergy centers – the FARE Clinical Research Network – to conduct these studies, collect and share data, and provide patient care; and promote the rapid recruitment of patients.

  • Develop the scientific understanding, tools, and resources necessary to facilitate research that will build a pipeline of new therapies. Unlike many other diseases, the underlying causes of food allergy – and the reasons for its rapid rise over the past 25 years – are unknown. Basic science aimed at answering fundamental questions is key to developing effective treatments. In addition, it is crucial that researchers have the tools they need to succeed, including an online food allergy research portal and a patient registry and biorepository that capture critical data, including clinical histories and biospecimens (serum, DNA, and RNA samples).

  • Attract outstanding investigators to the field of food allergy and develop their careers. FARE will provide seed funding, career development grants, and awards that promote exploration of new solutions, motivate young investigators, and encourage preeminent researchers from other disciplines to apply their talents to food allergy.

Our aim is to set food allergy research on a course to new treatments – and to put individuals with food allergies on the path to a safer future.

To learn more about our research strategy, read “A Vision and Plan for Food Allergy Research.”