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Training for Restaurant Employees

FARE is proud to partner with two trusted resources, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and MenuTrinfo, to create a safer dining out experience for individuals and families managing food allergies.  

The NRA’s ServSafe™ Allergens Online Course is a comprehensive, interactive training program that educates restaurant personnel – from the hostess in the front of the house, to the manager and executive chef, to the line cook in the back of the house – about the severity of food allergy and the precautions that must be taken. Learn more >

MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain® service offers training in the classroom setting, as well as live, online webinars that are conducted by an instructor. The program teaches chefs and foodservice employees safe handling and delivery procedures of meals to diners with food allergies. Learn more >

A searchable database of restaurants across the country that have completed these programs is available at our new SafeFARE website, which offers tools and resources for both diners and restaurant professionals. 

You can read more about these training programs in the Resources for Restaurants section of our website.

Spread the Word!

Tell your local restaurants about these food allergy training programs. Download these flyers to pass out to managers at restaurants in your community.

Ingredient Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Think you know all there is to know about meal ingredients? Download the following quiz, put together by Chef Joel Schaefer, to see how much you really know.

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