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Back-to-School season is a great opportunity to take action and work with your local schools to educate the school community about the serious nature of food allergies. This year, with your $30 donation to our Back-to-School drive, we will send a packet of posters, educational handouts and resources to the school of your choice to help educate and raise awareness about food allergies. This is a simple way you can provide your school with resources and make a difference!

There are two versions of the resource packet available, with customized content for elementary schools or middle/high schools. Each contains educational posters, checklists for teachers, a copy of FARE's Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan, and more! Head to FARE's E-store to learn more about the resource packets.

We will also include a letter in the package addressed to the school leader from FARE's Senior Vice President of Education and Advocacy, Scott Riccio. This letter informs the school that a member of their school community donated the package and provides information about the resources the package contains. The letter and resources in the packet emphasize the importance of safety and inclusion for children with food allergies during the school year.

Help us bring FARE resources to schools across the country, starting with your own!

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Please note: Shipping is included with your $30 donation. If you would like additional products, you will be required to pay for shipping, and must complete a separate order for the additional products.

Please enter the school's contact information in the "Shipping Information" section when you check out, with your information in the "Billing Information" section. If you would like us to inform the school that you sent the package, please indicate as such in the "Order Comments" field, or notify the school on your own prior to the package arriving.

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