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School Access to Epinephrine Map

The map below shows the status of school epinephrine legislation and guidelines across the country. 

The table below includes links to the current legislation or guidelines in place in each state, or a link to the current pending legislation. To take action and write to your legislators about pending legislation, visit our Advocacy Action Center.  


Legislation or Guidelines 

Alabama HB156
Alaska Statute 17.22: Use of Epinephrine in Emergency Situations 
Arizona Senate Bill 1421: School personnel; emergency epinephrine administration 
Arkansas Act 757 
California Senate Bill 1266
Colorado House Bill 13-1171 Concerning the Use of Epinephrine Auto-injectors in Emergency Situations in School Settings 
Connecticut Senate Bill 5521
Delaware Senate Bill 246
Florida Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 284: An Act Relating to School Emergencies 
Georgia House Bill 227 
Hawaii No School Epinephrine Laws or Regulations in Place
Idaho Senate Bill 1327
Illinois Sec. 22-30: Self-administration of Medication and School Nurse Administration 
Indiana Senate Bill 245
Iowa No School Epinephrine Laws or Regulations in Place
Kansas House Bill 2008: An Act Concerning Epinephrine 
Kentucky House Bill 172: An Act Relating to Emergency Anaphylaxis Medications in Schools 
Louisiana Senate Bill 119 
Maine HP1235, LD 1727: An Act To Establish Guidelines for the Stocking and Administration of Epinephrine Autoinjectors in Schools
Maryland Senate Bill 621 
Massachusetts Regulations 105 CMR 210.000 
Michigan House Bill No. 4353 
Minnesota House Bill 688 
Mississippi Senate Bill 2218
Missouri House Bill 1245 
Montana Senate Bill 165 
Nebraska Rule 59: Regulations for School Health and Safety 
Nevada Senate Bill 453 
New Hampshire No School Epinephrine Laws or Regulations in Place
New Jersey Training Protocols for the Emergency Administration of Epinephrine
New Mexico Senate Bill 75
New York Senate Bill 7262
North Carolina Senate Bill 744
North Dakota House Bill 1159 
Ohio House Bill 296
Oklahoma House Bill 2101 
Oregon Senate Bill 611 
Pennsylvania Act 195
Rhode Island No School Epinephrine Laws or Regulations in Place
South Carolina Safe Access to Vital Epinephrine (SAVE) Act 
South Dakota House Bill 1167
Tennessee Senate Bill 1146 
Texas Guidelines for the Care of Students with Food Allergies At-Risk for Anaphylaxis 
Utah Emergency Injection for Anaphylactic Reaction Act 
Vermont Act 68: An Act Relating to Health and Schools 
Virginia House Bill 1107 
Washington Senate Bill 5104 
West Virginia House Bill 2729 
Wisconsin Act 239
Wyoming House Bill 0173


This page was last updated November 5, 2014.

To get involved in advocating for stock epinephrine in your state, please visit our Advocacy Action Center